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The Substitute Teacher Store

One Stop Shop for Substitute Teachers

Terms of Service

Last Updated November 12, 2020

Welcome to the Substitute Teacher Store.  These terms explain the rules you need to follow as you navigate on this website and the online store, any affiliated web pages we may host, any mobile applications, and any services being offered.

The Substitute Teacher Store offers a platform for educators and the general public to buy and share the original content for teaching and learning.  Resources may include books, report sheets, physical and used goods, or other product types.  The Substitute Teacher Store may limit or discontinue any such product type. The book, A Quick Guide to Substitute Teaching..., is copyrighted and at no time will be permitted for reproduction per copyright laws.

Privacy Policy

The Substitute Teacher Store has adopted the following Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use, and share information from and about you in connection with certain products, services, and properties.

Your privacy and security are very important to us at The Substitute Teacher Store.  We're committed to safeguarding your information.  This Privacy Policy outlines what kinds of information being asked of you and to gather from you as you navigate The Substitute Teacher Store and under what circumstances certain information might be shared with others.

Purchase Information

When making a purchase through The Substitute Teacher Store, you'll need to provide billing and payment information to complete your order.  We've carefully chosen Paypal to process payments.  Whether you check out using a credit or debit card, or any other supported payment method, your payment will be directly processed by the Payment Processor, and we'll never have access to or store your full payment details.

When you pay via Paypal, you'll log into a Paypal account to complete your order. When Paypal processes your payment, we'll receive from them a confirmation with transaction details so we can record your order and provide access to the order and purchases.  We don't collect any information pertaining to specific payment or funding sources or any other financial account details associated with your Paypal account.